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osmo-gsm-manuals: reflect split of separate repositories from openbsc.git (OsmoMSC, OsmoBSC, ...)

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After the split of OsmoNITB and separation of openbsc.git to several repositories, we need to adjust the documentation accordingly.

Related issues

Related to OpenBSC - Feature #2257: prepare split of the openbsc.git in smaller components Resolved 05/15/2017
Related to OsmoMSC - Feature #2445: Create OsmoMSC user manual Closed 08/15/2017
Related to OsmoHLR - Feature #2359: Write OsmoHLR manual Resolved 07/11/2017


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Addition of new manuals are handled by separate issues, but see this issue as checking existing manuals (e.g. OsmoBSC) to make sure they reference the new repositories instead of openbsc.git.

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Various tweaks submitted for manuals preface and OsmoBSC

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