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11:13 AM OsmoBTS Feature #1884: distribute measurement processing accross timeslots
laforge wrote:
> I think this is alrady implemented? please keep the tickets up to date at least once per week (tick...
11:08 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2014 (In Progress): LC15: BTS does not properly handle BS-AG-BLKS-RES
Submitted to gerrit as
@nutaq: Please make sure you yourself are submitting a...
11:04 AM OsmoGSMTester Feature #2327 (Rejected): document NTP as cause for failing osmo-bts-trx runs in osmo-gsm-manuals?
I thik it's better to fix that serious clock bug (see #2339) than to document the shortcoming.
11:02 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2339 (In Progress): osmo-bts-trx uses non-monotonic system clock for frame number timer
I've submitted a new CLOCK_MONOTONIC based implementation at
This implementat...
11:00 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2339 (In Progress): osmo-bts-trx uses non-monotonic system clock for frame number timer
osmo-bts-trx is using regular gettimeofday() calls, i.e. a non-monotonic local system clock for its frame number time...
10:56 AM OsmoBTS Revision 7a6b178f (osmo-bts): osmo-bts-sysmo/l1_if.c: PH-DATA.ind belongs to L1P, not L1C
L1C is control, while L1P is data primitive.
Change-Id: I5a0ef08df96a67cd25b11eb23c60934011b01c29
10:56 AM OsmoBTS Revision 4699ebaa (osmo-bts): l1sap: if lchan is in loopback, don't accept incoming RTP
When the lchan is in loopback mode, we loop back all uplink blocks into
downlink blocks. We do not processs any RTP ...
10:55 AM OsmoBTS Revision 50f81655 (osmo-bts): measurement: Remove dead code
We used to have trx_meas_check_compute() and call that from the
bts-specific code in order to iterate over all timesl...
10:55 AM OsmoBTS Revision 53216b5d (osmo-bts): l1sap.c: Factor out function to limit message queue
Change-Id: I0fe0fc6b17cefdbf6b2d9f30ed08306998d30687
12:12 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2325: sporadic crash of osmo-bts-trx in osmo-gsm-tester runs
* osmo-bts uses gettimeofday() to determine how much system time has expired between two FN indications from OS...

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