(E)GPRS protocol stack implementation


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GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a packet-switched cellular technology, which is used in
2G and 3G networks for transmitting IP packets to external networks such as the Internet. EGPRS
stands for "Enhanced GPRS", a GPRS based technology that allows improved data transmission
rates. The aim of this task is to get working mobile station implementation of GPRS protocol stack
and extend the GSM burst transceiver part of the project with ability to send/receive GPRS and
EGPRS signals.
  • physical layer (L1) modification in order to support packet switched communication (8-psk
    detection modulation and demodulation support for EGPRS, channel coding/decoding, TBF
    (Token Bucket Filter) scheduling)
  • implementation of the higher protocol layers (RLC/MAC, LLC, SNDCP)
  • composing a shared library of the existing GPRS related code in OsmcomBB
  • implementation of the transmit capabilities
  • implementation of host utilities (Packet capture (sniffer) utility, GPRS modem application)
  • tests (unit tests, conformance tests)
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