Frequency hopping


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A BTS (Base Transceiver Station) on the GSM radio interface may use frequency hopping, that
poses additional difficulty to transmit and receive GSM signals on the mobile side. The aim of this
subtask is to implement frequency hopping for a GSM mobile station.

  • implementing transmission of GSM bursts according to a hopping sequence (deliverables:
    code + plot(/s) showing frequency of transmitted bursts)
  • implementing reception of GSM bursts that follows frequency hopping (deliverables: code +
    decoded messages from the signal with hopping)
  • extending the control interface between gr-gsm and Osmocom-BB with ability to
    send/change hopping parameters (deliverable: code)
  • testing the mobile station with a GSM BTS supporting frequency hopping (deliverable:
    protocol traces in Wireshark)
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