Physical SIM-card interface


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Unlike a regular phone, the SDR hardware has no SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) slot. It's only possible to use virtual (emulated) SIM-card in mobile application at the moment. This limitation prevents one from being able to use regular SIM-cards, hence from being able to interact with commercial GSM networks using the SDR PHY.

The idea of this task is to implement a PC/SC based interface to interact with a physical SIM-card.

Update from 17.01.2019

For a long time there was a draft implementation of (BT)SAP interface in OsmocomBB. The (BT)SAP (Bluetooth SIM Access Profile, see [0]) is a part of Bluetooth specifications, that defines the protocol and procedures that can be used to access a smart card (usually GSM SIM) via a Bluetooth link. OsmocomBB implements the Client role providing abstract SAP interface API to the higher layers. Instead of Bluetooth, a UNIX socket is used to communicate with a Server.

The implementation of (BT)SAP interface, protocol and FSM has been rewritten (see [1]) and tested against softsim (see [2]), an open source (BT)SAP implementation in Ruby, that provides demo Server with PC/SC support.


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