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08:46 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3809 (New): Osmocom-Debian-install-test fails since February 9
for the last 10 days our "Debian installation test" job is consistently failing, see


10:48 PM OsmoPCU Bug #3808 (In Progress): OsmoPCU sends NS-BLOCK-ACK without mandatory NSVCI IE
This was discovered while writing a TTCN-3 test case "PCU_Tests_RAW.TC_so_ns_block()"
patch has been submitted as ...
10:37 PM OsmoPCU Bug #3808 (In Progress): OsmoPCU sends NS-BLOCK-ACK without mandatory NSVCI IE
According to Section 9.2.4 of 3GPP TS 48.016, the NS-BLOCK-ACK PDU has a mandatory NSVCI IE.
However, OsmoPCU is s...
06:24 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3807: short HRv1 RTP payload on PHY based BTS implementations
The existing HRv1 RTP payload format of osmo-bts-{sysmo,oc2g,lc15} is following "ETSI TS 101318 Chapter 5.2", while t...
09:27 AM OsmoHLR Bug #3793: GSUP message routing for inter-MSC handover
osmith wrote:
> My first approach was creating a C test, which starts the gsup server and two gsup clients, and tr...


04:21 PM libosmocore Feature #3617 (In Progress): support routing control and user plane over different NS links
This is part of the @laforge/gb-sns@ branch of libosmocore.git
04:20 PM OsmoPCU Bug #3372: Support for SNS auto-configuration (SIZE / SNS-CONFIG procedure)
I've picked up working on this again and cleaned up the @laforge/gb-sns@ patchset of libosmocore.git.
01:17 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3806 (New): OsmoBSC accepts BSSAP with wrong length field
As seen in #3805, OsmoBSC would happily accept BSSMAP CLEAR COMMAND messages with IEs that extend beyond the length f...
01:13 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3805 (Resolved): OsmoMSC sends invalid BSSMAP length field on CSFB CLEAR COMMAND
libosmocore patch merged, OsmoMSC now sends correct length values.
01:06 PM OsmoMSC Feature #3778 (In Progress): Support CSFB "Fast Return"
As seen in #3805, the bug was ours, not one of TITAN.
I've pushed the extended TTCN-3 test as https://gerrit.osmoc...

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