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02:49 AM OsmoBTS Feature #3036: update vty reference -- and make it so that it can be done without manual edits
After several days of hard work, I am finally getting the first results: *.pdf files are generated separately for all...
01:22 AM OsmoBSC Bug #4832: osmo-bsc hard-releases lchan if no MSC is found
While looking at the capture you attached, I stumbled upon packet number 13 "(RR) Channel Release" with cause "Unknow...


09:00 PM OsmoBTS Feature #3036 (In Progress): update vty reference -- and make it so that it can be done without manual edits
Oh, I didn't know that we have a ticket for this problem. Nice!
> Should we change osmo-gsm-manuals to produce N d...
08:40 PM Core testing infrastructure Bug #4576: ttcn3-hlr-tests need to route multicast traffic between ttcn3-hlr-test and osmo-hlr-master containers
Unfortunately, yes: '--network host' is the only way to get multicast traffic working in Docker:


08:52 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4801: BTS_Tests.TC_tch_sign_l2_fill_frame_dtxd fails
Moreover, we don't cover TCH/F and TCH/H in speech mode. DTX is also allowed for the later.
08:46 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4801: BTS_Tests.TC_tch_sign_l2_fill_frame_dtxd fails BTS_Tests/DTX: get rid of f_g_chan_is_{tchf,tchh,sdcch4,sdcch8}...


08:24 AM OsmoTRX Revision c7a750d4 (osmotrx): Transceiver: explicitly init m{Rx,Tx}LowerLoopThread
Coverity warns us that a non-static class members:
- mRxLowerLoopThread, and
- mTxLowerLoopThread,
are not init...
08:10 AM OsmoTRX Bug #4828 (Resolved): Building osmo-trx-lms fails due to linker errors
> We probably need to back-port this change to latest v1.2.0 and tag a patch release.
Nope, this regression was ac...


11:41 PM OsmoTRX Revision 0ff9c9fc (osmotrx): Transceiver: use size_t and ARRAY_SIZE() in constructor
Change-Id: I164d66aad04d77957300b07e83b085f43a3ee8c1
11:41 PM OsmoTRX Revision 24cb0c99 (osmotrx): device: drop unreasonable LIBOSMO{CTRL,VTY}_{CFLAGS,LIBS}
Neither VTY nor CTRL API is used in device specific code, excluding
the 'uhd' where osmo_cpu_sched_vty_apply_localthr...

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