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09:36 PM OsmoBTS Bug #2988: unexpected bit errors when using trxcon and osmo-bts-trx
Hi Harald,
> What's also interesting is the -128dBm RSSI, as opposed to the -100dBm
> for all the good bursts. I'...
07:19 PM OsmoBTS Bug #2989: OsmoBTS reports ever-growing TA value
I've experienced the same problem of continuously increasing
Timing Advance value, despite the ToA value remains the...
01:04 PM OsmocomBB Wiki edit: FakeTRX (#4)
08:57 AM OsmocomBB Bug #2925 (Resolved): Unfreed 'Mobile Primitive' chunks
Fixed by


06:42 PM libosmocore Bug #2986 (New): GNU TLS fallback: segfault on gnutls_rnd()
According to the GNU TLS documentation, prior to 3.3.0 the library has to be
initialized by calling gnutls_global_in...
02:37 PM OsmocomBB Bug #2984 (Closed): cannot get osmo-bts-trx + fake_trx + trxcon to work
Not a bug. The problem was that provides 5700-5702 ports for OsmoBTS,
and 5703-5705 for OsmocomBB/trxcon...
02:31 PM OsmocomBB Bug #2925: Unfreed 'Mobile Primitive' chunks
As it turns out, a 'Mobile Primitive' is being allocated by mobile_prim_alloc()
on each Location Update request, but...
10:20 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #2982: make check: sgsn test failed
When libosmocore is compiled without libgnutls fall-back, there is a different issue.
The corresponding Valgrind log...
10:14 AM OsmoMGW Bug #2981: make check: mgcp test failed
This problem only appears if libosmocore is compiled with libgnutls fall-back.
Recompiling against libosmocore built...
09:21 AM OsmoMGW Bug #2981: make check: mgcp test failed
Attached a valgrind trace...

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