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06:37 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #1704: test/port card emulation firmware for SAM3S based SIMtrace2
This is actually - I was finally able to accidentally reproduce this...
06:22 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #5260: bootloader goes beyond partition size in modern gcc
Clang support in I'd propose to just build the firmware with clang, an...
06:03 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 17bfa527 (simtrace2): fix bootloader led config crash
This led to occasional crashes for targets with leds since it was
introduced 3 years ago
The interesting thing is tha...
06:03 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision a65fb1e3 (simtrace2): clang build support
Supposed to be used with
+ distro provided binutils-a...
06:03 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision af6ae8b8 (simtrace2): drop unused exidx sections when linking
clang might emit those even though they are neither needed or wanted,
so just get rid of them.
Change-Id: I159b4405c...
06:03 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 90784220 (simtrace2): add the ngff cardem to default build targets
Change-Id: Icec4966fe419eee9f7ace67e46e3d88738812b38


05:54 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #5260: bootloader goes beyond partition size in modern gcc
I actually gave clang a try, there is which convenien...


04:08 PM OsmoBTS Revision 7643be1d (osmo-bts): osmo-trx: fix maxdly
- one gsm symbol is 0,00000369 seconds
- 2*550m/c = 0,00000366 seconds
-> one ta symbol is a DISTANCE of 550m (or a R...


03:23 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5252: eclipse-titan fails to build for Debian_Unstable on OBS
Just upgrade it, I don't think carrying compiler flag patches is worth the effort since we are bound to upgrade titan...


01:01 PM libosmocore Revision 8ae40cbb (libosmocore): gsmtap: allow 127.0.0.x local listeners
Even if not bound to a IF they just exist and work as expected, and make
distinguishing traffic for local setups easy...

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