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12:56 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Wiki edit: Coding_standards (#35)


05:44 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4066: osmo-bts: sending BSC an ERROR Indication with "unsolicited UA response" in "sms:sysmo" osmo-gsm-tester test
Timeout reverted in
12:38 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4061: Prolonged remaining in state with RSL link gone, OML link open
I've added TCP_USER_TIMEOUT to the patch, too - keepalive only applies to idle connections, but this timeout applies ...
11:59 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4061: Prolonged remaining in state with RSL link gone, OML link open
I can confirm that osmo-bts does not detect a broken tcp connection if I drop the packets using iptables. A tcp conne...


03:47 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #1700: Update/add counter and/or vty documentation for osmo-* programs
Something appears to be broken in chapter 14 of the osmo-bsc manual, the table is repeated three times.
02:39 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #4006: TRX protocol: wind of change
Getting the noise level during idle timeslots is useful for the RSL RF RESOURCE INDICATION (which, in turn, is useful...
10:35 AM OsmoBTS Feature #3750: Extension of BTS_Tests.ttcn test coverage
There is currently no reasonable way to test the RF RESOURCE INDICATION, osmo-bts does currently not use the paramete...


02:07 PM OsmoTRX Bug #4055: osmo-trx-lms: segfault on start with lime mini/usb
I've just tried to use my lime mini, and ran into this as well, I can reproduce the issue every time, the segfault ha...


12:58 PM OsmoBTS Bug #2997 (Resolved): OsmoBTS rsl_rx_mode_modif() can generate RSL ERROR REP without MODE MODIFY NACK
12:56 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4032 (Resolved): RLL/LAPDm ABM has no TTCN3 tests

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