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08:54 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 51a30309 (osmo-ccid-firmware): asf4 uart: properly handle uart errors
Uart errors will now lead to a (temporary) deactivation of the uart as well as
the deactivatin of the card + a a prop...
08:54 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 83e0dd9b (osmo-ccid-firmware): sercom: make waiting for the uart safe...
In error cases the uart might already be disabled, so waiting for the
dre bit does not work.
Change-Id: I269cf8ece48...
08:54 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 91f1f18b (osmo-ccid-firmware): 7816 fsm/cuart: support inverse condition cards
This does not currently work with "pcsc-lite version 1.8.26." because
the inverse conditon cards I know do not suppor...


10:52 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 6b1f1c4e (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid/7816 fsm: better pps error handling
This requires a bit of inline explanation because it was not entirely straightforward,
and there were some unused st...


08:26 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 9a6e8cee (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid: adjust msgb size
Our transfers are < 300b including the header anyway, no need to have
different allocation sizes.
Change-Id: Ia7b20d...
08:26 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision eff9b915 (osmo-ccid-firmware): 7816 fsm: move to static msgb
Error handling was difficult due to the need to pass msgb pointers
attached to the sub fsms back to the cb that is po...


10:58 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision c1555c13 (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid: do not allow xfers with inactive slots
pcscd tries to do this if the previous command led to a deactivation...
Change-Id: If2659c7d5e8784e5e4393d5b12589e96...


12:13 AM rtl-sdr Revision 0847e93e (rtl-sdr): fix windows build
We really should not have pkgconfig as a build requirement on windows.


10:56 PM gr-osmosdr Revision 90c3d5b5 (gr-osmosdr): fix windows build


05:41 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Bug #4805 (Resolved): The reader is mute after a T=1 data block

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