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Cellular Modem Information Reporter 04/25/2018
Altair LTE Modems Reporter 02/07/2020
Huawei HiSilicon Cellular Modems Reporter 04/25/2018
Qualcomm Linux Modems by Quectel & Co Reporter 04/25/2018
osmo-qcdiag Reporter 04/25/2018
Cellular Network Infrastructure Developer, Reporter 02/25/2017
cni-legacy Developer, Reporter 06/03/2018
cellmgr-ng Developer, Reporter 02/20/2022
OpenBSC Developer, Reporter 02/25/2017
OsmoNITB Developer, Reporter 02/25/2017
OsmocomLCS Developer, Reporter 06/03/2018
Core Network (CN) Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
osmo-gbproxy Developer, Reporter 05/01/2020
osmo-sip-connector Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoBSCNAT Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoCBC Developer, Reporter 05/06/2019
OsmoDia2GSUP Developer, Reporter 08/16/2022
OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
Linux Kernel GTP-U Developer, Reporter 06/03/2018
OsmoHLR Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoHNBGW Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoMSC Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoSGSN Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoSTP Developer, Reporter 06/03/2018
Distributed GSM Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/15/2018
IMSI Pseudonymization Developer, Reporter 02/14/2020
osmo-e1-recorder Developer, Reporter 11/06/2019
osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Developer, Reporter 11/03/2021
OsmoGSMTester Developer, Reporter 02/25/2017
OsmoMGW Developer, Reporter 07/24/2017
OsmoSMLC Developer, Reporter 08/21/2020
Radio Access Network Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoBSC Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoBTS Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoHNodeB Developer, Reporter 10/21/2021
OsmoPCU Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
OsmoTRX Developer, Reporter 03/23/2018
Erlang Core Network Signalling Projects Reporter 04/25/2018
erlang/mgw_nat Reporter 04/25/2018
erlang/osmo_map Reporter 04/25/2018
erlang/osmo_sccp Reporter 04/25/2018
erlang/osmo_ss7 Reporter 04/25/2018
erlang/signerl Reporter 04/25/2018
osmo-clock-gen Contributor, Reporter 01/27/2019
UmTRX Reporter 03/29/2018
Miscellaneous Projects Contributor, Reporter 03/29/2018
Core testing infrastructure Contributor, Reporter 02/13/2019
osmo-uecups Contributor, Reporter 04/17/2020
Ericsson RBS 6xxx Contributor, Reporter 05/05/2020
GSM Audio Pocket Knife Contributor, Reporter 03/29/2018
Mobile (in)Security Contributor, Reporter 03/29/2018
osmo-pcap Contributor, Reporter 03/29/2018
OsmoSMSC Reporter 01/10/2019
OP25 Reporter 04/25/2018
Osmocom Analog Reporter 04/25/2018
Osmo-CC Reporter 03/22/2021
Osmocom Conferences (OsmoDevCon, OsmoCon, OsmoDevCall) Developer, Reporter 02/25/2017
Osmocom Libraries Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
libosmo-abis Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
libosmo-gprs Developer, Reporter 08/07/2022
libosmo-netif Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
libosmo-pfcp Developer, Reporter 06/11/2022
libosmo-ranap Developer, Reporter 07/26/2018
libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
libosmocore Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
libsmpp34 Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
OsmocomBB Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
Nuttx-bb Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
OsmocomGMR Reporter 03/29/2018
OsmocomTETRA Reporter 03/29/2018
Retronetworking Contributor, Developer 01/30/2022
BBS-Revival Contributor, Developer, Reporter 04/25/2018
FidoNet Contributor, Developer, Reporter 04/25/2018
linmodem Contributor, Developer, Reporter 04/25/2018
UUCP and UseNet Contributor, Developer, Reporter 04/25/2018
Z-Netz Contributor, Developer, Reporter 04/25/2018
OCTOI - Osmocom Community TDM over IP Contributor, Developer 01/30/2022
SDR (Software Defined Radio) Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
gr-gsm Reporter 01/10/2019
gr-osmosdr Reporter 01/10/2019
libosmo-dsp Reporter 01/10/2019
osmo-fl2k Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
osmo-rfds Reporter 01/10/2019
OsmoSDR Reporter 01/10/2019
rtl-sdr Reporter 01/10/2019
SIM card related Projects Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
osmo-remsim Contributor, Reporter 04/01/2019
osmo-sim-auth Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
Osmocom Card Operating System Contributor, Reporter 03/29/2018
pySim Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
Sim Toolkit Contributor, Reporter 02/25/2017
SIMtrace Contributor, Developer, Reporter 03/29/2018
SIMtrace 2 Contributor, Reporter 01/10/2019



07:16 PM OsmoMSC Revision ba4d682b (osmo-msc): Change CC_CAUSE returned on unanswered MT Call
The timer "mgw X2" (RTP stream establishing timeout)
is set by default to 30 seconds.
When an MT call is ringing and ...
08:39 AM OsmoMSC Revision fdfe0c23 (osmo-msc): Update MNCC field validation mask.
In c6921e5068ba62cde67707fb3c8103919d1e0c0e, 0x4000 was added to the
possible MNCC field flags, but before this commi...
01:36 AM osmo-sip-connector Revision 44b4a050 (osmo-sip-connector): Set MNCC_F_GCR field when the gcr is present
Commit bd66804082bf813a1f925c6af4df28fd664ac1de established that the
MNCC field flag MNCC_F_GCR should be set when th...
01:11 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5282: ttcn3-sip-test is broken since build #1342


09:59 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5282: ttcn3-sip-test is broken since build #1342
I see where it broke now: mncc: rework passing GCR over th...
03:20 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5282: ttcn3-sip-test is broken since build #1342
that should read, didn't do the encoding... with the functions in libosmocore. But I have to look at it again. Anywa... keith
03:09 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5282: ttcn3-sip-test is broken since build #1342
hi @fixeria Is there any test that the GCR the MSC gets back in the B-leg is the same as in the A-Leg?
That is aft...


02:25 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #5349: Message for non-existing SNDCP Entity
With just one phone, in my lab setup, I see this kind of thing happening:... keith
12:30 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #5349: Message for non-existing SNDCP Entity
Yes, observing a running SGSN right now, this is very much still an issue in v1.9.0 and I don't see any commit that w... keith


07:55 AM OsmoMSC Bug #5529: Inter BSC HO fails due to lack of MSC Preferred Codecs IE
As far as I am concerned, this is not so high priority as to warrant fixing it in master. I think it's better to go t... keith

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