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12:05 PM libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug #2647 (Feedback): VTY local-ip cmd in "listen m3ua <PORT>" node not applied.
I submitted a patch to re-bind the socket once local-ip is run, but I still think the correct fix would be to have IP...
11:54 AM libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug #2647 (Feedback): VTY local-ip cmd in "listen m3ua <PORT>" node not applied.
In osmo-stp, cmd "local-ip" inside node "listen m3ua 2905" is actually not applied. Because the server is created + b...


04:16 PM libosmocore Revision c30a76b2 (libosmocore): utils: Fix false positive in compiler warning
Fixes the warning below:
warning: ‘sqn’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
03:33 PM libosmocore Revision e2640ef7 (libosmocore): gsm: Use correct include for getrandom
"man getrandom" states sys/random.h is required.
Fixes warning below:
warning: implicit declaration of function ‘ge...
01:43 PM OsmoGSMTester Feature #2646 (New): osmo-gsm-tester: Add osmo-sip-connector support
We should be able to test
- mo_mt MS phone going trough osmo-sip-connector and asterisk.
- Calling unknown number...


01:19 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision a02952a4 (osmo-gsm-tester): suite: Remove unneeded import copy
Change-Id: I7a7231439ce42d51e1b2ab413f64e217aaa8d145
01:19 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 24c5de89 (osmo-gsm-tester): modem, process: Remove unneeded test import
Change-Id: Icd8cbb753aafdef49bde56bc5b0294f82133887c
01:19 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 41dabb36 (osmo-gsm-tester): suite: Separate better internal imports and the ones aimed a...
Change-Id: Ib6f6fa561fbc4ed0d0f255ad54fdfdd823de1a8a
01:19 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision ccc1ebc0 (osmo-gsm-tester): event_loop: Remove unneeded commented import line and explan...
Those lines come most probably from copy+paste using header when
creating the file.
Change-Id: I7854d96de001...


09:28 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 99b0e0e6 (osmo-gsm-tester): Remove unused file
Change-Id: If24b7dafb659d45bc13f4d624212d6c266c1b522

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