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04:14 PM OsmoPCU Feature #2709: use osmo_fsm for TBF
Initial commit for tbf_state FSM:
10:34 AM OsmoBSC Bug #5155 (Feedback): rsl link is down for sysmobts-v2
I just upgraded my sysmobts to today's 201705-nightly and everything is working fine. OML setup is successful, MS can...
10:24 AM OsmoBSC Bug #5155: rsl link is down for sysmobts-v2
Hi, which distro version are you using? 201705 or 201705-nightly?
Please make sure your packages are up to date ...


06:03 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 9fc065a3 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Fix block_nr in tx PCUIF
Change-Id: Ic816862d8bdca1ea9b8c34b49129beb7e055258c
06:03 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 93ae4527 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: TC_n3103_max_t3169: Send TLLI in UL blocks
Otherwise MS is not behaving correctly and newer versions of PCU (more
strict checking TLLI and behaving better) may ...
05:00 PM OsmoPCU Feature #1541 (Feedback): Move TBF list from BTS to the TRX structure
Done here:
remote: bts: Use ms_store when calculating set of target ...
04:02 PM OsmoPCU Revision 6a85301a (osmopcu): Optimize PAGING-CS PDCH set selection when target MS is known
Before this patch, when a PAGING-GS was received in PCU from SGSN, it
would always forward the paging request to all ...
01:58 PM OsmoPCU Revision c48d27b5 (osmopcu): pdch: Use llist_first_entry() API
Change-Id: I96e7188ecf7d2cfc54598975f8d538e7aa94401a
12:42 PM OsmoPCU Bug #1538 (Resolved): Refactor and remove the global BTS singleton
This was done a while ago, closing the ticket.
12:19 PM OsmoPCU Feature #5132: Get rid of gprs_rlcmac_bts lists: ul_tbfs, dl_tbfs
We may want to keep the tbf_list for reasons exposed above, but move it to the bts_trx structure, as Holger suggests ...

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