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01:33 AM OsmoMGW Revision 154e024e (osmo-mgw): fixup ipv6
Tweaked-by: neels
Change-Id: I7d46aa7fb002922cfbb583a11f69e042283350c6


01:17 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 7cb6bade (osmo-gsm-tester): testenv: Fix missing import module util
util module is used in prompt() method (debug suite, interactive test).
Change-Id: I9bb759d053a99108f121f1c4f7994726...
01:03 PM OsmoGSMTester Feature #4543: Emergency call suport in osmo-gsm-tester
Some interesting ofono bits to verify/test emergency calls:...
01:00 PM OpenBSC Bug #4759 (Resolved): master-openbsc build job fails on Debian 9
11:28 AM OsmoGSMTester Revision 1b99ad67 (osmo-gsm-tester): osmo-trx: Set more restrictive logging levels to avoid sporadic high load on stderr
Change-Id: I9dca89027d9015b946440363eae5f7bd3e082268
10:43 AM OsmoGSMTester Revision a7a89bdd (osmo-gsm-tester): bts-trx: Disable power-ramp
Power ramping features were implemented recently for osmo-bts-trx. We
don't want to enable them because it makes phon...
09:57 AM OsmoBSC Bug #4613 (Resolved): IPv6: add test cases for gsm0808 dec/enc aoip transport_addr
These are covered already in tests/gsm0808/gsm0808_test.c:
09:53 AM OpenBSC Bug #4759 (Feedback): master-openbsc build job fails on Debian 9
I made a patch release on top of master since we only added a few fix patches after last release.
09:40 AM OpenBSC Bug #4759: master-openbsc build job fails on Debian 9
I think it should be fixed by: db_test: Disable using color in log outp...
09:12 AM OsmoBSC Bug #4755: Premature OML Radio Carrier(00,00,ff) Opstart
That's actually coming from BTS, so no reall worries here. It does so because there's no proper NM FSM in the BTS nei...

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