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02:28 PM libosmocore Bug #5277 (New): ns2: Allow SNS-CONFIG PDUs from unknown endpoints during config procedure
Currently the SNS code expects SNS-CONFIG to happen between the primary EPs configured in the VTY.
NS2 with the fo...


10:02 AM OsmoPCU Bug #4856: PCU is running but has no NS connection and does not retry.
keith wrote:
> Unfortunately I have to re-open this as I am still observing it.
> At least with osmocom 'latest...


12:23 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #5236 (Resolved): SGSN-side BVC still exists if corresponding BSS-NSE goes down
The remaining patch has been merged now as well.
08:30 AM osmo-gbproxy Revision cbfc7cf0 (osmo-gbproxy): gpproxy: Route BSSGP STATUS with PDU_IN_ERROR containing a TMSI
Derive a foreign TLLI from a TMSI and route the message according to it
Fixes TC_status_sig_ul_tmsi
Related: OS#4892...
08:30 AM osmo-gbproxy Revision 7d37cbb6 (osmo-gbproxy): gbproxy: Route BSSGP STATUS with PDU_IN_ERROR containing a TLLI
Fixes TC_status_sig_ul_tlli
Related: OS#4892
Change-Id: I9d2ec73520ee46ceedda3f7e63035e6a51a65ac2


05:14 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision 723bb368 (osmo-gbproxy): gbproxy: Improve log message when no bvc is found (include bvci)
Change-Id: I0cb05b2069d7ef86ed0f7921044aaad01121a412
01:55 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision 99a46ff3 (osmo-gbproxy): gbproxy: Use designated initializers for global_ctr_description
This already showed one unused description where only the enum had been removed.
Change-Id: Ifdb822c25236c19dd52a3ea...
09:35 AM osmo-gbproxy Revision c4b913ba (osmo-gbproxy): gbproxy: Fix stats when no BVC could be found
Change-Id: I413b500515b6c4266370b29943b14447b38a66a0
09:35 AM osmo-gbproxy Revision dc763fdf (osmo-gbproxy): gbproxy: Avoid sending STATUS on unexpected BLOCK_ACK
Handle SGSN BVCs that are gone from the BSS differently.
The previous patch removed the gbproxy_bvc on the SGSN-side...


01:33 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #5236: SGSN-side BVC still exists if corresponding BSS-NSE goes down
Patches merged is still pending

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