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03:01 PM Osmocom Conferences (OsmoDevCon, OsmoCon, OsmoDevCall) Wiki edit: OsmoDevCon2018 (#22)


03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision 36679f23 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: use SMPP34_DELIVERY_RECEIPT_* in libsmpp34
Use new definitions in libsmpp34 to set the registered_delivery field
accordingly, as provided by I5b3afff1b3b77cccd9...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision a976efa0 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: use new smpp34 esm_class definitions
Replace magic numbers by esm_class definitions, which
have been added to latest libsmpp34 in Change-Id
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision a7910844 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: use smpp34_tlv_for_each() to avoid suboptimal TLV handling
submit_to_sms() now handles two TLVs, so find_tlv() is suboptiomal and
it can be removed, since it would result in tw...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision 3d2c6fa7 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: gsm340_gen_oa_sub() may return negative value
gsm340_gen_oa() returns a negative value if the output buffer that the
caller passes is too small, so we have to chec...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision 84ae5c3d (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: support GSM 03.40 status report for nitb
This patch adds support for GSM 03.40 in nitb mode.
| ...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision d0469349 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: handle delivery ack via SMPP SUBMIT SM / send GSM 03.40 status report
This patch adds gsm340_sms_send_status_report_tpdu() to build a
status-report. Moreover, set sms->report field if we ...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision d9765264 (osmo-gbproxy): utils: smpp_mirror: bounce Delivery Receipts as Delivery Acknowledgments
Simple patch to test the new status-report support code, remove previous
code before Delivery Acknowledgement support...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision c4e841a1 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: update database to accomodate SMS status-report fields
SMPP DELIVER_SM messages with esm_class = Delivery Receipt need to send
this message reference (that the mobile phone...
03:40 PM osmo-gbproxy Revision ac460133 (osmo-gbproxy): libmsc: add support for SMPP delivery receipts
If the mobile phone requests a status report via SMS, send a DELIVER_SM
with esm_class = Delivery Receipt to ESME to ...

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