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01:15 PM OsmoHNBGW Feature #4882: HSPA+ Picocell availiable in U.S
So it's not usuable as WCDMA nodeb because we don't have a RNC for Iub. But it's usuable as LTE enodeb with open5gs.
04:43 AM OsmoHNBGW Feature #4882: HSPA+ Picocell availiable in U.S
i've managed to get a 6402 provisioning up to the point it ask s1ap for the lte configuration. -i'ven't looked into w...


04:44 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 0f040984 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): ns: fr: fix ttcn & osmo-ns-dummy.cfg
The configuration needs to match the expectation of the test cases.
Change-Id: I6fb6265a2e432e8887f5caea8716b95adee7...


05:13 PM libosmocore Bug #5258 (Closed): ns2: check why ttcn3 TC_reset_wrong_nsvci fails
the test run on jenkins succeeded and has been removed to keep the history clean.
04:31 PM OsmoPCU Bug #2384 (Closed): NSVCI=0 seems to cause problems
I would guess it's not anymore a problem. The new implementation checks the UDP source of the packets and NSVCI.
01:39 PM libosmocore Revision 4ef56c0e (libosmocore): ns2: correct parse a BLOCK PDU which was received over a different NSVC
BLOCK PDU can be send over a different NSVC than the NSVC.
E.g. informing a NSVC got blocked in case of a lower-layer...
01:39 PM libosmocore Revision 58be4274 (libosmocore): ns2: don't forward an invalid RESET PDU to the FSM
When receiving an invalid RESET (e.g. wrong NSEI or NSVCI) do not
forward the PDU to the NSVC fsm. Answer it with cor...
01:39 PM libosmocore Revision f8635c7e (libosmocore): ns2: improve log line when receving a PDU with wrong NSE
Change-Id: I072510461fb426fa62ca20c5103764b0efd25f82


10:32 PM libosmocore Bug #3388 (Closed): NS-RESET / NS-UNBLOCK / NS-BLOCK are not specified over IP/UDP
the ns2 code is implementing SNS and ip.
09:25 PM libosmocore Bug #5028 (Closed): ns2: add uptime for NSE & NSVC

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