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10:05 PM OsmoMGW Feature #2547: Add E1/T1 endpoint type to osmo-mgw
The remaining problem is that we can not execute all e1 related TTCN3 test properly in jenkins. However, the E1 endpo...
09:56 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3780: existing test suite doesn't catch wrong measurement processing
See also #4799, new tests are added to check the behavior of the measurement processing for signalling and tch modes.
04:53 PM OsmoBTS Revision 07aa8927 (osmo-bts): measurement: fix expected number of measurements
The logic in measurement.c checks the amount of collected measurement
values. This is done for the total amount of me...
02:11 PM OsmoBTS Revision 79294134 (osmo-bts): measurement: count all blocks as SUB for TCH/F in signalling mode
SUB frames exist only in voice (or CSD) channels. When a TCH/F is in
signalling mode, all blocks must be counted as S...
02:11 PM OsmoBTS Revision 44fc2523 (osmo-bts): sched_lchan_tchf: count measurements for FACCH/F only once
When the FACCH is generated (while in SPEECH mode), there is also a
fake speech indication handed up to l1sap.c. We m...


08:12 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4799: Both TC_meas_res_sign_tchh and TC_meas_res_sign_tchh_toa256 are failing
@fixeria and me have discussed some of the problems of the TCH/H and the measurement processing (thanks for the scan ...
07:46 PM OsmoBTS Revision 5f95a16e (osmo-bts): cosmetic: add missing semicolon after OSMO_ASSERT()
Change-Id: Ib886115418939990ecfb6ecc1a4528f7a015b913


04:42 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4799: Both TC_meas_res_sign_tchh and TC_meas_res_sign_tchh_toa256 are failing

I have found out that the remaining reasons why TC_meas_res_sign_tchh_ are failing is a mishandling of the FACCH in...
03:33 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 149c392f (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): BTS_Tests: add FAACH to TC_meas_res_speech_tchX
The current TC_meas_res_speech_tchX tests only test a pure voice
transmission. A voice transmission can be occasional...


02:53 PM OsmoBTS Revision ae07288c (osmo-bts): measurement: count measurements for FACCH/H twice.
The FACCH/H replaces to voice frames in TCH/H. This means during the
transmission of a FACCH one measurement value le...

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