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04:08 PM OsmoMGW Bug #2835: Newline handling of libosmo-mgcp-client needs to be more lenient
See patch:


01:33 PM libosmocore Revision 23d3161d (libosmocore): fsm: fix double llist_del in osmo_fsm_inst_term()
llist_del(&fi->proc.child) is executed always, regardless whether
a parent is configured or not. This may lead into a...


09:48 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
> I would make sure to introduce more states...
I see, I have now moved more of the logic into separate states. In t...
08:12 PM libosmocore Revision 40def49a (libosmocore): libosmocodec: implement ECU (Error Concealment Unit) for FR
When a bad GSM voice frame is received, it's being replaced
by a silence frame. This may cause unpleasant audio effec...


05:43 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
While integrating the FSM I ran into some trouble, nothing that couldn't be fixed, but after discussion with Harald w...
05:30 PM OsmoMGW Feature #2631 (In Progress): allow arbitrary endpoint names, be more dynamic in allocation and it...
Since our latest thoughts on how the FSM (msc and bsc) that controls the media gateway should look like we need this ...


09:00 AM OsmoMSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
I have tested the internal handover with the FSM. It works fine, so the the FSM did not break anything. Also the FSM ...


11:10 AM OsmoBTS Revision 5df57cb8 (osmo-bts): meas_test: fix header file references
The unittest module meas_test.c contains a lot of unused header
files as the result of a cut and paste error made ear...


10:33 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
I have read through the code of the FSM implementation. There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be completed, esp...
10:28 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2823 (In Progress): Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC

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