Antennas, LNAs and other RF equipment



We have seen great performance from the Procom MU 4-MM/CEL4, which is a magnetic mount car antenna for the 410...430 MHz range:

The same antenna type is available for other sub-bands commonly used for tetra, e.g. 380-400 MHz (CEL5)

Antennas can be ordered from a variety of distributors such as e.g. ukw-berichte (Part #P130000912)

Please note that the antenna ships without any cable. The magnetic mount has a FME socket, so you will likely want to
order some FME-to-FME cable (ukw-berichte part #20227) as well as a FME-to-SMA adapter (ukw-berichte part #00218)

Filter + LNA

There is a nice combination available from DG0VE: A ~ 20dB LNA with a double-helix filter (10MHz band-width). It's called LNA 70-1 and can be custom-ordered with e.g. a center frequency of 425 MHz:

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