Xalyo Systems XS-155

This is a four-port STM-1 interface card by Xalyo Systems. It is based around an early Wintegra WinPath processor. Unfortunately it can only do ATM and POS (packet-over-SONET), but doesn't have any support for channelized STM-1 (e.g. transport of E1/PDH over SDH).

The card is in a mezzanine carrier format, but using an adapter such as the XS-PCIE, it can be used in a normal PCIe slot.


The board design seems to consist of the following three major parts:
  • Wintegra WinPath WIN787FPC-200B1 network processor (WIN787.pdf)
  • PMC S/UNI 155 TETRA PM-5351-BGI Quad 155 Mbit/s ATM and Packet Over SONET Physical Layer Device (PM5351.pdf)
  • Tundra PowerspanII CA91L8269B-100CLY Multi-port PCI bus switch (CA91L8260B-100CEV.pdf)

Xalyo_XS-155_top.jpg Xalyo_XS-155_bottom.jpg Xalyo_XS-155_bottom_in_pcie_carrier.jpg


This is a carrier board for the mezzanine form factor of the XS-155. It contains a PLX PEX8112 PCI to PCIe bridge (PEX8112.pdf), so that the carrie board can be plugged in a modern PCIe slot.

Xalyo_XS-PCIE_top.jpg Xalyo_XS-PCIE_bottom.jpg

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