Telex was a network of Teleprinters. The network was similar to the PSTN telephony network, but independent/separate from it. Telex interconnected teleprinters via a switched network where subscribers can dial other subscribers via signaling, just like in the telephony network. This was different from earlier poin-to-point teleprinters without a switched network before.

Telex began in Germany as a research and development program in 1926. The operational service was introduced in 1933. It declined in the 1980 as Telefax became availabel and popular.

Geman Telex network

The German Telex network in 1976 consisted of

Qty Type Description
8 TxZVSt Telex-Zentral-Vermittlungsstelle
63 TxHVSt Telex-Haupt-Vermittlungsstelle
124 TxEVSt Telex-End-Vermittlungsstelle
725 TxTeilVSt Telex-Teil-Vermittlungsstelle
105000 TxTeilnehmer Telex Teilnehmer (Subscribers)

Furthermore there were so-called TxAuslKopfVSt (Telex-Auslands-Kopfvermittlungsstelle) for international exchange.


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