Olympia Disque with IKBS

The Olympia Disque is an electronic daisywheel typwriter with single-line alphanumeric display, battery-buffered RAM and a proprietary 2" floppy disk drive.

It was possible to enable the Olympia Disque for Teletex, either with an internal add-on-board (IKBS) or with an external device.



olympia_disque_back_cover_removed.jpg olympia_disque_without_top_cover.jpg olympia_disque_back_connectors.jpg


The Mainboard comes assembled in a stack with two daughter boards:


The actual mainboard is the bottom board in the stack:

olympia_disque_mainboard_top.jpg olympia_disque_mainboard_bot.jpg

The mainboard hosts

  • 1x NEC D8085AHC CPU (socketed)
  • 4x TI TMS2764JL-35 EPROMs (IS1..IS4)
  • 1x Fujitsu MBM27128-30 EEPROM (IS54 via daughterboard 73.410-4066.1)
  • 5x HM6116LP-3 RAM (onboard)
  • 4x HM6116P-3 RAM (socketed)
  • 1x NEC D8253C-2 programmable timer IC (socketed)
  • 2x NEC D8255AC-5 programmable peripheral IC
    • towards connector leading to daughterboard 73.200-4045.1/02L / 73.410-4044.2/00
    • towards connector X5
  • various logic ICs (SN74LS245N, SN74LS02N, SN74LS393N, SN74LS04N, SN74LS138, TC40H032P, TC40HC002P
  • Panasonic Lithium Battery BR-2/3A 3V

Connectors (labels added by myself)

Designation Pinout Connects to
X1 1x4 Power supply
X2 1x3 Power supply
X3 1x13 Floppy Controller
X4 1x2 Pushbutton on rear panel near DB-15 X.21 connector
X5 1x16 Display (X22)
X18 2x10 Kayboard (X20) + LED/Pusbutton board (X19)

Left daughterboard (67.650-3242-2)


This board seems to be in charge of driving the electromechanics (daisywheel, paper feed, carriage, ...)

  • 1x Mostek MK3870/42 MCU (socketed)
  • 1x TMS2516JL-45 16k EPROM 2048x8 (socketed) TMS3516-45JL.pdf
  • 2x 74LS259PC
  • 1x 74LS373PC
  • 1x ULN2003AN
  • 1x LM339N
  • 2x SN7404N
  • 1x T74LS00BI
  • 16x TIP112
  • 2x TIP125
  • 1x TIP127

Connectors (labels added by myself)

Designation Pinout Connects to
X6 1x3
X7 1x9 Carriage belt drive step motor
X8 1x16 Paper feed step motor
X12 2z19 daisy-wheel/carriage

Right daughterboard (73.200-4045.1/02L / 73.410-4044.2/00)

olympia_disque_right_dboard_top.jpg olympia_disque_right_dboard_bot.jpg

  • 4x NEC D2732D 32k (4096 x 8) EPROM (socketed) D2732D.pdf
  • 1x SN74LS373N
  • 1x 8-way dip switch (all on in my unit)
  • 1x unknown DIL28 IC (label on top turns marking unreadable)

Display board (73.310-4029.1/05 / 73.410-4028.2/02)

olympia_disque_display_top.jpg olympia_disque_display_bot.jpg

  • 1x single-row 40 character alphanumeric VFD display tube
  • 1x Toshiba TMP8085AP CPU (socketed)
  • 1x NEC D2732D 32k (4096 x 8) EPROM (socketed) D2732D.pdf
  • 1x RCA CDM6116AE2 RAM
  • 1x unknown DIL40 IC (label on top turns marking unreadable)
  • 10x UCN4810A VFD display driver
  • 1x SN74LS373
  • 1x TC40H000P
  • 1x 74LS00

Keyboard (73.410-3001-2/00)

olympia_disque_keyboard_top.jpg olympia_disque_keyboard_bot.jpg

  • 1x DM74LS154N
  • 76x diode (for key matrix)
  • 77x key switch (click)
  • 1x 2x10 2.54mm header (bus cable connecting keyboard)

Button and LED panel (73.410-4012.2/02)

  • 1x MM5451N
  • 8x Diode
  • 28x LED 3mm green
  • 7x pushbutton
  • 1x 2x10 2.54mm header (bus cable connecting keyboard)


The floppy drive is a proprietary Olympia Mini-Disk (2" media cartridges with 8kBytes of storage).

olympia_disque_floppy_exterior.jpg olympia_disque_floppy_controller_top.jpg olympia_disque_floppy_controller_and_drive.jpg

As you can see in the picture, the plastic part holding the drive motor has cracked and the motor has fallen out.

IKBS board (63.400-6101.1 / ANT 66.3820.600.00-A001 SA-Ausg.B)

This is the internal extensions board turning the daisywheel typewriter into a Teletex device.

The board is the only one in the machine having shield covers, on both top and bottom side.

olympia_disque_ikbs_top_shield.jpg olympia_disque_ikbs_bot_shield.jpg

The label may indicate it was actually built by ANT and not by Olympia? olympia_disque_ikbs_label.jpg

IF the shields are removed, the PCBA looks like this:

olympia_disque_ikbs_top.jpg olympia_disque_ikbs_bot.jpg

  • 1x SAB 8085 A-C CPU (socketed)
  • 6x MBM2764-30 64k (8192 x 8) EPROM (IC1..IC6)
  • 10x Toshiba TC5516AP RAM (socketed, 2x DIP24, 8x DIP28)
  • 2x Intel D8251A UART
  • 1x Intel D8255A-5
  • 1x Intel D8273 HDLC/SDLC controler)
  • various logic ICs (74HC00, 74LS03, 74LS00, 7400, 74LS04, 74LS02, 74LS74AN, 74LS32N, 74LS138N, 74LS374N, ...)
  • 2x UA637ARC
  • 1x 9638RC
  • 1x Varta FL3/60DK 063 battery


Designation Pinout Connects to
SV1 1x4 Power supply
SV2 1x14 SUB-D 15 (X.21 Interface)
SV3 1x3 Wires soldered to right daughterboard: GND, IS10, IS9). Maybe Chipselect?
SV4 1x4 3x Teletex LED panel (X23)


The dump of the contents of all EPROMS can be found at


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