Nokia EKSOS Node Control Unit (NCU) 120 Ohms (T35010.11)

The Node Control Unit (NCU) contains a CPU environment for all of the common control functions inside the Nokia_EKSOS N20 node. The NCU contains the core functionalities such as the V5 control functions and node synchronisation. This unit also has a Q3 interface for network management and 4 x 2 Mbit/s interfaces for aggregate use. At least one NCU is always required in each Eksos N20 node.

Each Eksos N20 node can support up to four V5.2 interfaces and there must be at least one NCU per each V5.2 interface.


eksos_ncu_top.jpg eksos_ncu_bot.jpg


Label Designation (PCB) Type Description
4x 2M NR1 Euroconnector C/2 (Harting 09232486821?) E1 links of V5 interface
SR J5/J11 RJ45 Sync In
TR J6/J12 RJ45 Sync Out
Q1/AUX J7 RJ45 ?
Q1/AUX J7 RJ45 ?
ALRM J7 RJ45 External Supervision
Q3 J7 RJ45 Q3 (Eth/802.2LLC/ISO/OSI) 10Base-T
Q3 J1 BNC Q3 (Eth/802.2LLC/ISO/OSI) 10Base-2


Signal Pin Description
SYN R1A 4 Synchronisation receive
SYN R1B 5 Synchronisation receive


Signal Pin Description
SYN T1A 1 Synchronisation transmit
SYN T1B 2 Synchronisation transmit


Signal Pin Description
Q1OCL+ 1 Q1 output clock positive, idle state +5V
Q1OCL- 2 Q1 output clock nevative, idle state +0V
Q1OUT+ 3 Q1 bus output positive V.11 signal, idle state +5V
Q1IN+ 4 Q1 bus input positive V.11 signal, idle state +5V
Q1IN- 5 Q1 bus input negative V.11 signal, idle state 0V
Q1OUT- 6 Q1 bus output negative V.11 signal, idle state 0V
Q1ICL+ 7 Q1 input clock positive, idle state +5V
Q1ICL- 8 Q1 input clock negative, idle state +0V


Signal Pin Description
PAI1 1 External Alarm Input 1
PAI2 2 External Alarm Input 2
PAI3 3 External Alarm Input 3
PAIO1 4 External Alarm Input/Output 1
PAIO2 5 External Alarm Input/Output 2
IAV1 6 Analog Voltage Measurement Point 1
IAV2 7 Analog Voltage Measurement Point 2
GND 8 Ground

Main components

E1 Interface for V5

  • 1x Exar XRT5897IV
    • 7-channel E1 line interface
    • Data Sheet: XRT5897.pdf
    • 4 interfaces exposed on 4x2M header
    • 1 intrface exposed on SR / ST (separate RX and TX?) RJ45

Q3 Ethernet 10-Base-2 Interface

  • 1x MC68160AFB
  • 1x DP8392C
    • Coaxial Transceiver Interface
    • Data Sheet: DP8392C.pdf

Q1 Aux ALRM Q3 Interfaces

Backplane interface

  • LSI Logic LSA9360 BABYLON
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