Nokia EKSOS Line Measurement Unit (T35140.01)

The optional Line Measurement Unit (LMU) makes it possible to remotely test the condition of copper access lines in a Nokia_EKSOS access multiplexer. It operates in conjunction with the test access relays in the interface units. Also, additional alarm inputs and outputs are available through the LMU.

The LMU supports the following features:
  • scheduled tests
  • line tests for PSTN and ISDN
  • high-accuracy measurement of line parameters such as capacitance, foreign voltage and leakage resistance
  • external test access (for testing the lines using external test equipment)
  • cable-pair identification-tone test for all line types
  • dry loop test
  • external alarm inputs (digital and analog) and outputs (digital).


eksos_lmu_top.jpg eksos_lmu_bot.jpg


Name Designator Type Description
EXT J10 RJ45

Main Circuits

Main Processor

Backplane interface


  • TI TMS320LC548PGE-66 fixed-point DSP
  • 2x ADI ADG408BR 8:1 Analog Multiplexer
  • 2x ADI AD822 rail-to-rail op-amp
  • 2x Infineon PEB4065T V4.0 HV-SLIC
    • High Voltage Subscriber Line IC
  • 1x AD7863AR-10 quad-input dual 175kSPS 14-bit SAR ADC
  • 1x AD8801 octal 8-bit TrimDAC
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