LOEWE MultiTel-D

Warning! MultiTel-D devices contain a Lithium backup battery, which will leak catastrophically and destroy the entire device.
The battery is contained on the SRAM module, which can be removed without tools by unclipping the top cover, removing the holding bracket and then just unplugging the module.

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Users Manual
Service Manual (Schematics, PCB layout, Pinouts)


- BTX/videotex terminal
- 80-character ASCII terminal mode (with ANSI-sequence support)
- external RS232 for faster modem, ISDN TA, direct PC connection
- DB25/parallel port printer interface
- black/white CRT

Battery replacement

The SRAM backup battery (used for configuration, bookmarks, macro, etc. storage) can be replaced with a CR2032 coin cell battery.

A Q&J CR2032-BS-6-1 holder (LCSC #C70377) seems to fit pretty well:

IMG_8505 (1).JPG IMG_8510.jpg

External modem/ISDN TA interface

RS232 (V.24) port on the back can be used to connect via modems with up to 9600 baud.
An ISDN TA can also be used. ELSA MicroLink ISDN was used successfully:

IMG_8522.jpg IMG_8524.jpg IMG_8529.jpg

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