CologneChip HFC

This is a seriels of generic ISDN adapters with CologneChip HFC chipsets:
  • HFC-E1 (single-port E1 PCI), datasheet see hfc-e1.pdf
  • HFC-S/HFC-S+ (single-port BRI PCI), data sheet see hfc-spl.pdf
  • HFC-4S (quad-port BRI PCI) + HFC-8S (octal-port BRI PCI), datasheet see hfc-8s-4s.pdf
  • HFC-USB (singel-port USB), data sheet see HFC-S-USB.pdf

These boards are typically all supported by mISDN, and some by DAHDI


IOB1E1_V2_front.jpg IOB1E1_V2_back.jpg


IOB1E1_V3_front.jpg IOB1E1_V3_back.jpg


IOB4ST_HFC4S_front.jpg IOB4ST_HFC4S_back.jpg

ASS-PCI-ISDN with clock output rework

This no-name HFC-S board has been enhanced with a 2pin header to provide an 8kHz clock output. This highly stable 8kHz clock provided by the public ISDN network could be used as a reference clock to HFC-E1 boards driving cellular base stations in the early days of openbsc.

HFC_S_clock_rework_front.jpg HFC_S_clock_rework_back.jpg

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hfc-8s-4s.pdf View hfc-8s-4s.pdf 0 Bytes HFC-4S and HFC-8S data sheet laforge, 02/20/2022 02:35 PM
hfc-e1.pdf View hfc-e1.pdf 3.22 MB HFC-E1 data sheet laforge, 02/20/2022 02:37 PM
HFC-S-USB.pdf View HFC-S-USB.pdf 862 KB HFC-S USB data sheet laforge, 02/20/2022 02:37 PM
hfc-spl.pdf View hfc-spl.pdf 909 KB HFC-S+ data sheet laforge, 02/20/2022 02:40 PM

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