AVM Fritz!Card PCI Series

AVM_FritzCard_PCI_package_top.jpg AVM_FritzCard_PCI_package_bottom.jpg

AVM Fritz!Card PCI

Uses the AVM Felix ME2 PCI controller attached to a Siemens PSB 2186 framer/LIU.

AVM_FritzCard_PCI_top.jpg AVM_FritzCard_PCI_bottom.jpg

AVM Fritz!Card PCI V2.0

Updated design using AVM Felix II PCI controller attached to Infineon PSB 3186 framer/LIU.

AVM_FritzCard_PCI_V20_top.jpg AVM_FritzCard_PCI_V20_bottom.jpg

AVM Fritz!Card PCI V2.1

Updated design, using fully integrated AVM KAFKA PSB3100 chip, containing PCI controller, framer and LIO all-in-one.

AVM_FritzCard_PCI_V21_top.jpg AVM_FritzCard_PCI_V21_back.jpg

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