AVM ADSL ISDN Controller

In the early days of ADSL (and the late days of ISDN), there were some hybrid products containing both an ISDN controller as well as an early ADSL interface.

In this AVM ADSL/ISDN Controller V4F, we can see
  • CPU / PCI interface
    • Philips TriMedia PNX1301EH microprocessor with PCI interface
    • MT 48LC2M3202 RAM chip
  • ISDN interface
    • Infineon PSB3186F V1.4
    • using Xilinx Sparten XCS10XL to interface to the TriMedia CPU
  • ADSL interface
    • Infineon PEB 22715 H

The ADSL and ISDN interfaces are exposed to separate RJ45 connectors, as the NTBA is external and the ADSL/ISDN splitter is between telephone line and NTBA.

AVM_ADSL_ISDN_V4F_front.jpg AVM_ADSL_ISDN_V4F_back.jpg

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