Livingston Portmaster 3

laforge bought two Livingston Portmaster 3 PM3A-1E, which are RAS (Remote Access Server) that
  • terminates one 1E line (30 B-channels)
  • provides ISDN dial-up on those channels
  • provides DSP based modems in case analog modem calls should be handled.

More details to follow.


Spare Parts / Mods


The original fan is aFonsan DFB0812M (DC 12V 0.1A) fan by DELTA ELECTRONICS INC. The specs seem to state 2600 RPM / 24.8 dB(A) / 29 cfm.

I found it too noisy and replaced it with a Noctua NF-A8 FLX with L.N.A (reduced to 1650 rpm / 12.9 dB(A) / 24 cfm)

Fun fact: The PM3 actually seems to have a 5V -> 12V DC/DC upconverter just for the fan - instead of simply using a 5V fan...

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