Bring-Up (Windows)

After manufacturing, the OsmoSDR device has to be flashed with the USB-DFU loader. Only after that the normal update procedure using usbdfu will work.

This procedure has also to be repeated when the USB-DFU loader needs to be upgraded.

Remove any old firmware

To remove the old firmware from the device, follow these steps:

- disconnect the [[OsmoSDR]] from the USB port
- put a jumper on the ERASE jumper
- connect the [[OsmoSDR]] to the USB port
- remove the jumper

Now the Atmel CPU is blank again and the device will show up with the USB ID 03eb / 6124. You will need the attached .inf-file to bind the CDC ACM driver, which is integrated into Windows, to the device.

Install CDC ACM driver

Windows sometimes seems to detect the OsmoSDR as GPS device or even as mouse. No idea why this happens, but then again it's just Windows.

Please use the attached osmosdr.inf to bind the Windows CDC ACM driver to the OsmoSDR. If everything works, you should find a device called "ATMEL SAM3U Initial Flash Driver (COMxx)" in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section of the Windows driver manager.

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