osmo-pcu 1.4.0 release

Added by osmith 2 months ago

Today we've released osmo-pcu 1.4.0.

This release uses PCUIF 12, which is compatible with osmo-bts 1.7.2 and osmo-bsc 1.11.1.

The changelog over 1.3.1 is as follows:

osmo-pcu (1.4.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Pau Espin Pedrol ]
  * tbf: Log poll timeout reason

  [ Vadim Yanitskiy ]
  * pdch_ul_controller: migrate from fn_cmp() to gsm0502_fncmp()
  * bts: bts_tfi_find_free(): fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized (false positive)

  [ Oliver Smith ]
  * systemd: remove RestartPreventExitStatus=1
  * Revert "pdch_ul_controller: migrate from fn_cmp() to gsm0502_fncmp()" 

  [ Philipp Maier ]
  * pcuif_proto: rename PCU_IF_FLAG_SYSMO to PCU_IF_FLAG_DIRECT_PHY
  * pcuif_proto: drop support for PCUIF v10
  * pcu_l1_if: signal BTS model via PCUIF
  * gprs_rlcmac_sched: fix condition for generating dummy blocks on idle
  * bts: rename struct member gen_idle_blocks to gen_idle_blocks_C0

  [ Andreas Eversberg ]
  * Increase RR scheduler priority to 20, to avoid dropped bursts
  * Use uniform log format for default config files

  [ Keith ]
  * TBF status: Fix VTY output text

 -- Oliver Smith <>  Tue, 12 Dec 2023 16:58:16 +0100

Summary of OsmoPCU work during 2020

Added by laforge about 3 years ago

This is a summary of the work that has happened on the osmo-pcu software in 2020, specifically the timeframe January 2020 through early February 2021.

  • large number of various CSN.1 encoder/decoder fixes
  • fix an infinite loop in CSN.1 dissector
  • fix pcu_sock related memory leak
  • MS RA capability parsing fixes (#4463)
  • properly encode P-TMSI in RR PAGING REQUEST
  • Fix UL-ACK not sent to MS if intermediate UL block is lost
  • 11bit RACH support (EGPRS Packet channel Requeset, #1548)
  • do not encode out-of-range TA value
  • fix RRBP field in packet uplink assignment
  • add support for IPv6 NS-VCs
  • add support for frequency hopping
  • fix crashes due to NULL pointer deref (#4756)
  • downgrade to DL MCS1-4 when USF for GPRS_only MS (#4544)
  • Get rid of LLC UI dummy blocks following other data (#4849)
  • support GPRS concurrently with EGPGRS (previously only either/or)
  • support Gb interface with IP-SNS
  • Fix Dl EGPRS data blocks being generated occasionally on GPRS TBFs (#4973)
  • NACC (Network Assisted Cell Change) support
So in short:
  • lots of bugs fixed all over
  • GPRS and EPGRS are no longer exclusive, but GPRS-only MS can be served while EGPRS is active
  • Network Assisted Cell Change is going to significantly improve cell reselection performance
  • IPv6 support on the Gb interface
  • IP-SNS support on the Gb interface

We are planning to tag a new osmo-pcu release soon-ish. This is mainly awaiting the full stabilization of the "NS2" (new NS code) VTY interface and APIs. Once released, those will be stable and cannot be modified in incompatible manner anymore.

September/October OsmoPCU code sprint

Added by laforge over 4 years ago

This is a (late) update about the September/October 2019 activities regarding improvement of OsmoPCU and OsmoSGSN functionality and reliability.

Work has been done, among others, on #4111, #3828, #4228, #3827, #4247, #4102, #3995, #3969, #4029, #1977, #4024, #2406, #4204, #2857, #3922, #4048, #4173, #3727, #43, #4058, #2408, #2955

Unfortunately, OsmoPCU is still one of the least loved projects in the Osmocom universe. Not many people contribute to it, and there are very few commercial users wanting to contribute either financially or by helping with closing some more of the open issues :/


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