IMPORTANT NOTICE: This page contains information about a legacy version of the Osmocom software. This legacy version is no longer maintained. If you use it, don't be surprised if it doesn't work. It was your choice to ignore man-years worth of developments, improvements and fixes. Please migrate to the active/supported software (Osmocom CNI, consisting of OsmoBSC, OsmoMSC, OsmoHLR, OsmoSTP, OsmoMGW - a NITB style setup is described at Osmocom_Network_In_The_Box).


SimpleHLR is an unofficial, user-contributed web interface for OsmoNITB written in PHP. It allows you to get a good overview and edit most parameters in your HLR database directly via your web browser. You can authorize new subscribers, set extensions, broadcast SMS messages and more.

SimpleHLR also comes with a set of functions for controlling OsmoNITB from your own applications. You just need to include one PHP file in your project and you're ready to go.


SimpleHLR requires a web server with PHP support. You also need to enable support for SQLite3 in PHP. This can be done by adding the line in your php.ini file.

Download and extract the files in your web root. Next, open the config.php file and edit the location of your HLR database file. Make sure your web server has permission to both read and write to the HLR database.

A PHP-script that works as a stand-alone daemon is also included. This daemon monitors the SMS messages to the subscriber with ID 1. This allows users to set their own extensions by texting 'set extension XXXXX' to this subscriber. It also allows administrators to update other subscribers extensions and [de]authorizing users. You do not need to run the daemon to have a working web interface.


Known issues

This is just a project I threw together during the extra time I had during christmas. There probably are some bugs, feel free to report them if you find any.

The biggest limitation is that OsmoNITB locks the SQLite database. This causes the web interface to be unable to read data. As a quick fix, SimpleHLR retries accessing the database 30 times with some delay.


Development is usually taking place in ##publicbsc (yes, two hashed) at the Freenode IRC network.

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