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stuge, 02/19/2016 10:47 PM

This page is about the OpenBSC setup at the CCH for the 29C3.

= Configuration =

This years objective is to provide a more stable GSM service. This is challenging due the change of the venue and the increased space that we need to cover. We can use the night time for experimentation. We are using:

  • osmo-nitb
  • lcr
  • mISDN with E1 over IP to connect to the PoC.
  • Crazy config scripts for the eventphone integration.

= Who brings which equipment? =

sysmoBTS 1800 * kevin: 1 * sysmocom: ? nanoBTS 1800

please indicate the number of GSM 1800 nanoBTS units that you could borrow us for the 29c3 network. They will be needed from December 23rd through December 31st. They will be properly insured during the event.

  • GSMK: 1
  • zecke: 1
  • kevin: 2
  • laforge: ?
Antennas * 2x-4x? Kathrein VVPol indoor 80010465 patch ~65° * 1x-2x? Kathrein Omni 738449

= Todo = * [o] license from Bundes-Netzagentur? Requested 10 ARFCNs, on the way (4.12.2012). Get nervous by next week. Responsible: zecke * [x] Radio planning. Decide on dual-trx vs. single-trx vs. power? Possibly 1x1TRX in two "corners" on each floor, but do some trial and error on location to find out exactly what we need. * [ ] Talk to POC? Find people we can give access to our system? Explain them what can be tested/traced? Responsible: Peter (maybe jolly?) * [ ] Insurance of equipment: Responsible: Peter * [ ] Create BoM for switches, cables, PoE injector, PoE switches, RJ69 cables.. Responsible: Peter * [ ] Lock? Responsible: ??? * [ ] Milled RJ69 Responsible: ??? * [ ] patch kabel? Responsible: ??? * [ ] PoE Switch? All switchports that we will connect to will be PoE-enabled, but let's bring injectors anyway. Responsible: ??? * [ ] Belt for mounting BTS Responsible: ??? * [ ] Create complete checklist. Responsible: ??? * [ ] Enclosure for sysmoBTS, duplexer, antenna, amp. Responsible: zecke. * [ ] Courier to transport sysmocom and other equipment to the venue by the 25th. Responsible: zecke. * [x] Get SIM Cards to be sold. Responsible: zecke, at least 500 sysmoSIM cards * [x] Make sure we have a place to sit together and store equipment. Yes! '''Saal 11'''. Responsible: Peter

The neccessary connectivity for both OpenBSC and OpenBTS has been planned, but the boxes below will only be checked when the connectivity has actually been established on location. * [x] Make sure to have a place to put the main machine. Likely '''Zwergenlager''', but we're flexible. Responsible: Peter * [] Make sure we can connect to the !EventPhone from there? (Likely MISDN over IP, maybe SIP.) Responsible: Peter * [] Make sure we have BTS, etc. in a network routed to us. Responsible: Peter
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