MA10 Hardware

The MA10 is a full-length ISA card for PCs.

It contains multiple E1 transceivers and has the following external connections
  • Handset (RJ-11 socket)
  • RX0 (120 Ohms and 75 Ohms)
  • RX1 (120 Ohms and 75 Ohms)
  • TX1 (120 Ohms and 75 Ohms)


As we use the BS11 in 120 Ohms symmetric configuration, we also use the 120 Ohms symmetric ports of the MA10.

The 120 Ohms symmetric ports of the MA10 are all LEMO type FGG.0B.302.CLAD42Z

MA10 Software

There are a number of different software packages available for the MA10

MA10 Control


Abis Monitor

The Abis Monitor allows you to monitor an Abis link. You connect the two RX ports to the E1 link and can thus sniff
the bidirectional communication between BSC and BTS.

There are commercial extensions (today they would probably be called plug-ins) that extend the protocol parser
with vendor-specific commands, such as the Siemens O&M layer.

Abis Simulator

This is a complete simulator for the BSC side of the Abis link. Using the Abis simulator and a BTS, you can
emulate a GSM network.

In this mode, the MA10 assumes an active role and thus you need to connect RX0 and TX0 with the BTS.


Audio output/input with headset is not supported by any of the "AbisSim" releases.
Only echo loop is supported on traffic channels.
This means that using a mobile phone connected to BTS controlled by the MA10
can only loop back the audio input form this mobile.

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