Tektronix K1103


The Protocol Tester K1103 has been developed for network supervision and network analysis of CCS#7, GSM, CDMA, ISDN D-channel, X.25 and V5.x protocols. A maximum of four different PCM links (T1/S2M) or V./X. links with up to eight signaling links (64 kbit/s, 56 kbit/s, 16 kbit/s) can be supervised simultaneously. More details here - unfortunately the service manual isn't public and I'm not allowed to upload it somewhere.

Indirect access to 4 of this machines can be given trough [mailto: Holger].

Pinout of the E-1 interface

Monitor A:

Pin    Purpose
9      RX+B
5      RX-B
6      RX+A
1      RX-A
2,3,4  GND

A =   E-1-Linecard -> BTS
B =   BTS -> E-1-Linecard

Monitor C:

Pin    Purpose
9      RX+D
5      RX-D
6      RX+C
1      RX-C
2,3,4  GND

Telephone socket

Telephone socket:

Pin    Purpose
1      mic input (-)
2      hearer output (+)
3      hearer output (-)
4      mic input (+)
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