sysmoBTS Family

The sysmoBTS family is a range of GSM/GPRS/EDGE BTS products of sysmocom, ranging from indoor femto-cell to outdoor macro-cell

They are based on a proprietary transceiver hardware, with proprietary GSM/GPRS/EDGE PHY running in FPGA+DSP.

However, the main processor is running a 100% free software GNU/Linux distribution on an ARM CPU.
The BTS software is OsmoBTS, the PCU software is OsmoPCU.
Source code for all elements from bootloader through Linux kernel (including all drivers) and
all userspace prorgams are provided (see

sysmoBTS Models

Name in/out TRX power internal duplexer
sysmoBTS 1002 indoor 1 200mW -
sysmoBTS 1002 OD outdoor 1 200mW -
sysmoBTS 1020 outdoor 1 2W -
sysmoBTS 1100 outdoor 1 10W yes
sysmoBTS 2050 outdoor 2 2x5W -

Further customer-specific BTS models are available upon request.

sysmoBTS Documentation

Generic documentation about the OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU software running on the
system can be found in this Osmocom community wiki.

The Osmocom Manuals also provide ample details on the OsmoBTS implementation,
also including some details on the sysmoBTS platform.

Extensively detailed manuals specifically for the sysmoBTS hardware are made available upon purchase
for all sysmoBTS models.

Further information on sysmoBTS

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