Model no. IpAccess ref. Description
108B 1800MHz single-TRX BTS GPRS - OLD
108D 1800MHz multi-TRX nanoBTS
139U 108DU 1800MHz multi-TRX nanoBTS
108E 1900MHz multi-TRX nanoBTS
108EF 1900MHz multi-TRX nanoBTS
108ER012 1900MHz multi-TRX nanoBTS
178U 108GU 900MHz BTS RoHS-compliant
108H 850MHz BTS - pre-release product
108HU 850MHz BTS - pre-release product
165AU 165AU 1800MHz EDGE BTS
165B 1900MHz EDGE BTS
165BU 1900MHz EDGE BTS
165CU 900MHz BTS
165DU 850MHz BTS
165GU 1800MHz BTS
165HU 1900MHz BTS
165 E012 1800MHz extended temperature EDGE BTS Pre Custom
165FM 1900MHz temperature-hardened EDGE BTS module

Ciphering on nanoBTS is depending on the installed software.

If you have a model 139/140 and the software is 120a... the A5/1 and A5/2
encryption is available;

120b... is A5/2 only and
120c... there is no encryption available.

When you have a model 108/110 the software should start with 119 and with
model 165 it starts with 168.

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