Serial Console of the HSL Femto

There is a 3-pin header on the digital board of the HSL Femto.

It contains a RS-232 serial console of the TI DaVinci ARM core running at 115,200 bps

The pinout is as follows:
  • Pin 1: TxD output of Femto
  • Pin 2: RxD input of Femto
  • Pin 3: Ground

NOTE: There is a RS232 level shifter on board running the console at real RS232 voltage levels, so don't expect the typical 3.3V CMOS level.

Console commands

Monitor Commands:

        lt   - list tasks
        ct   - clear multitask profile timers
        mr   - read memory: mr [[AddressSpace]] MemoryLocation [[BytesToRead]]
        mw   - write memory: mw [[AddressSpace]] MemoryLocation [[ValueToWrite]]
        crt  - crt AS [[TaskName]] EntryPoint [StackSize] [Priority] [Weight]
        rt   - Run a task: rt [[AddressSpace]] TaskName
        ht   - Halt a running task: ht [[AddressSpace]] TaskName
        kt   - Terminate a task: kt [[AddressSpace]] TaskName
        is   - Enable / disable INDRT over serial: is [on | off]
        clt  - close task: clt [[AddressSpace]] Taskname
        lA   - list Address Spaces: lA
        lo   - list Objects: lo [{+-}{aAcCilmstu}] [AddressSpace]
        la   - list Tasks/Activities: la [AddressSpace]
        lc   - list Connections: lc [AddressSpace]
        sm   - Inject message: sm <AddressSpace> <Object index> "<message>" 
        lm   - list loaded images
        rset - reboots board (not always supported)
        bl   - get or set board location (not always meaningful)
        map  - display BSP memory table
        ti   - task info: ti <TaskID>
        oi   - kernel object info: oi <object index> <DomainID>
        nc [d<dev>] [[e [[EthernetAddress]]] | [i IPAddress] | [g Default Gateway] |
        [n Netmask] | [m Namesrvr] | [h Hostname] | [p<ON|OFF> (DHCP ON|OFF)] |
        [b<0|1> (TFTP Boot OFF|ON)] | [l Boot-Delay-seconds] |
        [t TFTP-Server-IPAddress] | [f filename-to-boot] | [r INDRT-Interface]
        [v SNTP-Server-IPAddress] | [z HH:MM Timezone Offset] |
                                                                        [o SNTP Polling Interval (s)]
        [s Save to non-volatile memory]] - network configuration
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