BS-11 RJ45 Modification


The twinax connectors as you find it on your BS-11 are very reliable connectors - when you have the right cable attached. However twisted pair cable is the wrong cable! The thin twisted wires do not fit correctly into the connector. The pins have no stability, they slip into the connector while you plug it in. To manage this problem we had a simple idea: Why not add an RJ45 jack to use a regular network cable?

Pulling the bulkhead out:

The first thing you have to do is to pull the bulkhead out. This is easy to perform. On the upper corners you will find plastic levers that can be moved aside by twisting them with a skrewdriver. Do not loose the skew - it works just by twisting the levers aside. After that you can pull the bulkhead by pulling on the two plastic rings.

Suitable jacks:

There thousands of different rj45 jacks in the marked. We used one that already had some wires criped. You could also use one for pcb mountig and solder wires to it. As the image shows we have cut away the wires we do not need.

Mounting the jacks:

The jacks can be mounted by gluing them to the bulkhead using some epoxy glue. Be careful that the glue does not come n contact with the contact springs of the plug. The image shows the jacks fixated with some tape.

Electrically connect the jacks:

In the middle of the bulkhead is a hole through that you can lay the cables through. Connect the cable from the backside to the soldering pads of the twinax connectors. Do not attempt to remove the twinax connectors. This will not work with a regular soldering iron. We waived a circuit diagram since a detailed description about the wiring can be found here: E1-to-RJ45

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