The Siemens BS-11 is a relatively small GSM BTS, sometimes known as Siemens microBTS.

Please note: The BS-11 is not a GSM Base Station. It is a GSM Base Transceiver Station and only one element out of the
quite complex GSM network. The station itself can only send and receive data on the GSM frequencies. You need to emulate at least
the BSC, MSC and HLR/VLR to be able to use GSM phones with the BS-11. OpenBSC is a project trying to implement the minimal neccessary parts as Free Software

BS-11 was originally developed and manufactured by OTE in Firenze, Italy. The entire product was then later sold to Siemens SBS.

The BS-11 is available in a variety of configurations. Variations include

  • power supply
  • AC power supply 110/220V
  • 48V DC power supply
  • number of TRX
  • one TRX
  • two TRX
  • each of the TRX can be located in different bands
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800

The uplink of the BS-11, much like most BTS, is a E1 / PCM30 interface, with the [Abis] protocol on top.

Original Documentation to the BS-11 is only available under NDA.

More information is available in this wiki:

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