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The Osmocom Signal Transfer Point is a SS7 Transfer Point implementing MTP routing as well as SIGTRAN SG (Signaling Gateway) functionality.

The program is currently part of the libosmo-sccp git repository, as it is basically just a small main loop + VTY interface wrapped around the libosmo-sigtran code.

SIGTRAN protocol support

OsmoSTP supports all transport protocols implemented in [[libosmo-sigtran:]]. At time of this writing (October 2017), this includes:
  • SCTP + M3UA + SCCP
  • SCTP + SUA
  • IPA + SCCP (experimental

We're looking for contributions/funding to add more protocols like M2UA, M2PA

Position in a typical Osmocom cellular network

traffic mode support

OsmoSTP currently only implements override and doesn't implement the load-share or broadcast traffic modes. Contributions in whatever form are welcome.

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