OsmoSMLC is the Osmocom Serving Mobile Location Centre. It implements the SMLC functionality
as specified in 3GPP networks Location_Services architecture.


  • Location Methods
    • currently only the Timing Advance based method of determining a mobile station.
      • operator must configure the locations of the cells in the osmo-smlc configuration file
  • 3GPP Lb (BSC-SMLC) interface using BSSAP-LE on top of connection-oriented SCCP and M3UA/SCTP/IP

If you run a network based on OsmoBSC and OsmoSMLC, the serving MSC (such as OsmoMSC can subsequently issue PERFORM LOCATION REQUEST queries on the A interface. The BSC will work with the SMLC to obtain the position, and return a PERFORM LOCATION RESPONSE back to the inquiring serving MSC.

Position in the network

The below graph shows the SMLC in the network.

Binary Packages

Osmocom provides binary packages for several flavors of Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux on a variety of architectures (i586, x86_64, armhf, armv7l). Unless you are a software developer interested in developing on Osmocom, it is recommended you use those packages instead of building from source.

For more details see Binary_Packages


Source Code

The source code is available from (module osmo-cbc).

Public read-only access is available via

git clone

You can also web-browse the repository at

Contributions are welcome via Gerrit.

Test Suite

We have a TTCN-3 test suite as part of our Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites

Child Pages


  • Contact us via the openbsc@ mailing list, see Mailing Lists.
  • Contributions are welcome via Gerrit.

Commercial Support

Commercial support as well as development, system integration and training services for this project are available from sysmocom

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