Announcing osmo-fl2k Release 0.2.0

Added by laforge about 1 month ago

We're happy to announce release 0.2.0 of osmo-fl2k. It contains the following main advancements over the previous 1.1.0:

  • free zero-copy buffers in case of error
  • fl2k_file: support reading from stdin
  • avoid compiler warnings when using libusb >= 1.0.22
  • add debian packaging
  • fix sleep durations on Windows
  • add I2C support
  • Add workaround for Linux usbfs mmap() bug on ARM/ARM64
  • avoid potential endless-loop in fl2k_file: check read return value before repeating
  • fix segfault on exit: wait for sample worker thread before freeing buffers
  • fl2k_tcp: fix segfault on exit: don't free buffer while lib still uses it
  • make osmo-fl2k work again with Linux 5.5.0-rc6 or later (invalid USB endpoint sharing in descriptors)

osmo-fl2k for using USB 3.0 VGA adapters as SDR transmitters

Added by laforge over 5 years ago

On April 22nd, Osmocom developer Steve Markgraf has released a new Osmocom project called osmo-fl2k during OsmoDevCon2018.

osmo-fl2k allows you to use the DAC contained in Fresco Logic FL2000 USB 3.0 VGA adapters as a SDR transmitter. Rather than rendering video signals to a screen attached to the VGA output, the DAC is used to generate RF signals in base band, possibly relying on the harmonics to achieve signals at much higher frequencies than possible at 165 MS/s in base-band.

The project thus follows the spirit of the earlier rtl-sdr project, which re-uses USB DVB receiver dongles with the RTL2832U chip as SDR receivers. Like-wise, osmo-fl2k creatively re-uses USB 3.0 VGA adaptors as SDR transmitters. The two projects are thus complementary.


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