This is the main wiki page of the osmocom ePDG, which is an open source implementation of the ePDG (evolved Packet Data Gateway) element in the 3GPP EPS/EPC network architecture. The ePDG is the external gateway between public intenet and the 3GPP core network used for VoWiFi calls.

Binary Packages

Osmocom provides binary packages for several flavors of Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux on a variety of architectures (i586, x86_64, armhf, armv7l). Unless you are a software developer interested in developing on Osmocom, it is recommended you use those packages instead of building from source.

For more details see Binary_Packages


User Manuals

Video Presentation

See for the recording of a talk by lynxis and pespin presenting osmo-epdg at OsmoDevCon2024.

Source code

The source code is available from (module osmo-epdg).

Public read-only access is available via

git clone

You can browse it via gitea:

Contributions are welcome via Gerrit.

Test Suite

We have a TTCN-3 test suite as part of our Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites

Contact / Getting Help

Contact us via the openbsc@ mailing list, see Mailing Lists or post in our EPC Forum on discourse

You can file issues (bugs / feature requests) using the redmine project you're currently viewing.

Authors / Credit

osmo-epdg was envisioned and planned by laforge and implemented primarily by lynxis and pespin (all part of sysmocom).

Thanks / Grant

osmo-epdg development was supported by a grant from NLnet foundation (see also:

Further reading

Commercial Support

Commercial support as well as development, system integration and training services for this project are available from sysmocom

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