This is a small program that you can use to open an E1 timeslot from the command line.
  • All data received on the E1 timeslot is written (in binary!) to stdout of the process;
  • All data received on stdin of the process is written to the E1 timeslot.

Alternatively to stdin input, you can also use the "-r FILE" option to make osmo-1d-pipe read from a binary file. Once the End of File (EOF) is reached, it will repeat again
and again from the beginning of the capture


./osmo-e1d-pipe -i1 -l0 -t2 -r /tmp/e1_ts2_fr.bin > /dev/null

This will open interface 1 line 0 timeslot 2 and play back the contents of /tmp/e1_ts2_fr.bin
again and again. All output is discarded (redirected to /dev/null).

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