OsmoCon2018 Notepad

This page collects some random notes related to planning of the 2018 OsmoCon


We have to re-think about the venue. While the 2017 venue was inexpensive, it also had some problems regarding ventilation, internet access, ...

Tutorial Day

We should have an (optional?) day with tutorials. Main focus should be on the new split-NITB architecture, adressing both new users as well as existing users that want to migrate from a NITB setup

Programme ideas

  • The post-NITB world: Overview / recap of changes
  • Testing beyond osmo-gsm-tester: NG40 interop, TTCN-3, ... (inform users about amount of testing)
  • 3GPP AoIP
  • Hand-Over: Intra-BSC + Inter-BSC: What is possible what not
  • 2G/3G Integration: Current status and possible future


  • schedule needs to be finalized long in advance
  • massive early bird discount + expensive last minute tickets
  • publicize about the event wherever possible
  • at least 3 months advance noitification about event with complete schedule, ticket availability, etc.
  • formal CfP?
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