OsmoCon2017 Travel Grants

Good News Everyone (TM)

We are happy to announce that we have received donations to permit for travel grants!

This means that any attendee who is otherwise not able to cover their travel to OsmoCon2017 (e.g. because their interest in Osmocom is not related to their work, or because their employer doesn't pay the travel expenses) can now apply for such a travel grant.

sysmocom is handling the administrative processing of the travel grants.


You are eligible for the travel grant, if
  • you use or operate Osmocom software, or are a developer/contributor to it
  • you are not otherwise able to get your travel expenses to OsmoCon2017 covered (e.g. by employer)
  • you are not a government official

Costs covered

The travel grant exists for covering travel expenses. Any expenses must be previously authorized by sysmocom, but typically include
  • cost of an economy-class air ticket, train ticket or bus ticket to Berlin
  • cost of accomodation in Berlin (sysmocom may help you arrange that)
  • cost of public transportation inside Berlin, as needed between hotel and OsmoCon venue
  • cost of visa processing (if required)

Application for Travel Grant

Please send an e-mail to with
  • your personal details
  • some context as to why you want to attend OsmoCon
  • your location (from where you would need to travel)
  • an estimate of the required travel costs (accomodation in Berlin excluded)
  • whether you require a visa and need an invitation letter for that
  • a statement that you do not otherwise get your travel covered (e.g. by your employer).

We will revert back to you ASAP!

Reimbursement procedure

If your travel grant application was approved, we will reimburse your expenses up to the amount stated in the approval.

Only actually incurred expenses will only be reimbursed.

Original receipts are required for all expenses covered.

We will not cover expenses that were not previously authorized!

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