This page is a reference fo all VTY commands that you can use interactively on the bsc_nat VTY telnet interface.

In addition, the same commands are used for the configuration file.

configuration reference

nat level

Configure the nat. Global settings

msc ip A.B.C.D

  • Set the MSC IP address used to connect to the MSC.

msc port <1-65500>

  • Set the MSC Port used to connect to the MSC.

timeout auth NR

  • Time in seconds to wait for the authentication reponse of a BSC.

timeout ping NR

  • Time in seconds to wait between two PING messages

timeout pong NR

  • Time in seconds to wait for a reply of a PING before closing the connection

token STR

  • Authentication token used to authenticate the BSC. Currently this is transfered
    in clear text.

ip-dscp TOS

  • Set the IP Type of Service (ToS) for the incoming BSC connections.


  • The name of the access-list to use on the NAT. Only the deny rules will be evaluated.

no access-list-name

  • Stop using an access-list on the NAT.

bsc BSC_NR

  • Configure the BSC with the number

location_area_code <0-65535>

  • Set the location area code that this BSC is handling

token TOKEN

  • A token for the BSC. The real bsc needs to send this token to use the lac and other filters. This is no real authentication or security scheme.

paging forbidden (0|1)

  • Decide if paging messages should be forwarded to the BSC.

description STR.

  • A description for the BSC.

access-list-name STR

  • Use the access-list for the BSC. First the allow rules will be evaluated, then the deny rules.

no access-list-name

  • Do not use an access-list forthe BSC.

access lists

  • Configuration for access-lists controling which IMSIs are allowed to connect

access-list NAME allow REGEXP

  • Add a regexp for the to be allowed IMSI list.

access-list NAME deny REGEXP

  • Add a regext for the to be denied IMSI list.
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