IMPORTANT NOTICE: This page contains information about a legacy version of the Osmocom software. This legacy version is no longer maintained. If you use it, don't be surprised if it doesn't work. It was your choice to ignore man-years worth of developments, improvements and fixes. Please migrate to the active/supported software (Osmocom CNI, consisting of OsmoBSC, OsmoMSC, OsmoHLR, OsmoSTP, OsmoMGW - a NITB style setup is described at Osmocom_Network_In_The_Box).

Not finished yet!

Web version of the OpenBSC meas_vis utility

This tool will allow you to display and browse the measurement reports of OpenBSC on a web based interface.

How to install and configure the meas_web utlility:

Get the code:

git clone

Install dependencies:

1. Install websocketd:

In this example we are going to use a 64bit version:


sudo dpkg -i websocketd-0.2.11_amd64.deb

2. Install runit:

sudo apt-get install runit

3. Configure runit:

Copy the content of the meas_web/etc folder to your /etc folder:

cd meas_web

sudo cp -avr etc /

4. Make sure the "meas_vis" utility is compiled:

Go to the utility folder of your openbsc source:

cd openbsc/openbsc/src/utils

If you can't find a meas_vis binary, please run:

sudo apt-get install libcdk5-dev

sudo make meas_vis

Now you need to have the binary version of meas_vis in openbsc/openbsc/src/utils

Because meas_json is not yet part of the master, you need to download and compile it:


mv meas_json.c\?h\=achemeris%2Fmeas_json meas_jscn.c

5. Add the following line at the bottom of your openbsc.conf:

meas-feed destination 8888

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