Phonebook exporters

manawyrm offers several phonebook exporters for various systems.
The exporters are available here and can be extended for almost every system:

This works by parsing the phonebook in this Redmine wiki, a debug view (to check how your entries are parsed) is available here:

Auerswald PBX reverse lookup

The Auerswald PBXes can do a HTTP lookup on every incoming call. This can be used to display names for each caller in the phone display.
To set this up, configure the "OCTOI phonebook" provider under "COMset" -> "Funktionen" -> "Online-Namenssuche" -> "Konfiguration".
Use the Aktion -> Importieren button to import the octoi_auerswald.n2n configuration file.

Edit the configuration afterwards and edit the "localprefix" in the URL to your own OCTOI prefix .
This is used to lookup internal numbers (when the Auerswald asks for a 4 digit number, the lookup will append this local prefix to the start of the number before the lookup).

Example URL:

(optionally) You can also create the rules manually:

This was developed and tested on a COMmander Basic.2, but might work on other PBXes from Auerswald.


To use CardDAV, point any CardDAV-capable client to

Any username/password are accepted, octoi/octoi is recommended.

Tested with Thunderbird, Fritz!Box and iPhone as clients.

Fritz!adr software

You can download a csv-dump for Fritz!adr here:

If your setup requires a dialprefix (like a 0), add ?prefix=0:

Fritz!Box phonebook (old .xml export, OS 6)

Modern Fritz!Boxes can use CardDAV. Refer to the CardDAV section.

You can download a .xml-dump for your Fritz!Box here:

If your setup requires a dialprefix (like a 0), add ?prefix=0:

Please be aware that importing this file wipes your existing phonebook!
You can create multiple phonebooks, so it is advised that you create a seperate "OCTOI" phonebook and start the import there.

Snom XML

This was generated blindly from the specification, as there was no Snom phone available at the time.
If you test this, please report back to manawyrm!

T-View 100 via RS232

With a serial cable according to, you can update the phonebook
in your T-View 100.
will generate a .sh bash file, that will emit the required serial commands.

It requires xxd and stty to be present on your system. Was only tested on Linux so far.
Warning! This wipes your existing phonebook!
If the script misbehaves at any point, it's always safe to press Ctrl+C!

wget --content-disposition "" 
bash /dev/ttyUSB0

Again, if your setup requires a dialprefix (like a 0), add &prefix=0.

Video of the upload process

Windows XP address book

The Windows addressbook can import .csv files for it's internal address book.
These .csv files are unfortunately localized (the column names are translated to the language of the Windows installation).
This was tested with Windows XP's address book only, but might work on other versions. If you give it a try, please update this.

Windows addressbook (compatible with english locale versions):

Windows addressbook (compatible with german locale versions):

Again, if your setup requires a dialprefix (like a 0), add &prefix=0.
If your locale/language isn't supported yet, create a dummy entry in the address book and export it as .csv.
Either send the resulting file to manawyrm or add the language and column headers yourself to windows-addressbook.php .

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