Colocated Hub

This page exists to collect some planning about the future colocated OCTOI hub, see #5542

Physical Setup

Server (specs)

High level:
  • Some 2U machine with capacity to host preferably >=2 full-height PCIe cards (TE820).
  • SRV-IO to map TE820 into a VM for easier debugging of potential DAHDI kernel crashes
  • amount of RAM is not very important, the use case has no high RAM requirements
  • CPU is more critical given all of the the byte-shifting and lots of copying / context switches we have to do for each trunk in the current software architecture
  • storage is also not very critical, other than for log files / monitoring
  • laforge has experience with Dell PowerEdge R740 (up to 3 full-height slots)
  • gruetzkopf has suggested HP DL830p G8 (up to 6 full-height slots)
  • laforge is checking SuperMicro options with riser cards for PCIe

DAHDI cards

laforge has at least two TE820 that can be used for this purpose


We need at leaset one icE1usb as a GPS-disciplined clock master.

We can also use that one to compare physical (icE1usb+TE820) setups against DAHDI-trunkdev.

We could deploy 1-2 more, just in case.

RAS / dial-up server

We should install at least one RAS server next to it, for dial-up modem / isdn termination

  • Definitely the Livingston Pormaster3 currently next to the hub. Needs 1xE1 on the Server
  • Likely also a Cisco ASR5400 laforge has acquired (much higher capacity, likely more featurs)


  • Like in the current hub at @laforge's basement, we should run the entire yate / osmo-e1d / dahdi-trunkdev inside a KVM with SRV-IO mapping the PCI devices

Misc / TODO

local verification with modem/ISDN-TA

It would be great if we could somehow verify local calls via the yate / hub excluding the complexity of the TDMoIP to compare calls without TDMoIP to calls with TDMoIP.

Unfortuantely I'm not aware of any really small PBX that would terminate the E1/S2M and offer S0/POTS ports. Adding antoher 3U for a PBX seems excessive.

Doing calls between PM3 and ASR5400 is of course an option, but ideally we'd have a real physical modem attached via a serial port, and a real HFC-S-USB for test purpose.

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