This is a small evaluation board for the NVS NV08C-CSM integrated GPS, Galileo and Glonass receiver.

Like all Osmocom projects, it is fully open source, i.e. all schematics, layout files, etc. are released

It provides access to the two UARTS as well as SPI and I2C interface of the module, optional backup
battery for avoiding cold-start on power-loss and a MCX socket for connecting the antenna.

picture of the populated PCB

Schematics and component placement

The schematics and layout source files are available from the git repository which can be browsed at

PDF rendering of schematics and component placement files can be found at and, respectively

Part numbers

All capacitors, inductors and resistors are 0603 footprint, with the exception of C1 (0402).

  • MCX socket is a Tyco Electronics 1-1337581-0
  • CR2032 battery holder is a MPD BA-2032
  • The 2.5mm jacks are SJ-2523-SMT


  • J1 connects VBAT with VCC, i.e. should only be placed if you do not have a battery attached
  • J1 connects VIO with VCC. This is the case when VIO (Voltage for digital i/o) is _not provided by an external circuit attached to X2
  • JP4 is the power supply connector. Apply 3.8..6V regulated DC power to it. Center pin is positive, outer pins both GND

Where to buy

As this is an open source hardware design, you can just have the PCB manufactured, buy all the components and build it yourself.

However, for your convenience, complete DYI kits are available from the sysmocom webshop.


osmo-nvs-gps was designed and developed by Harald Welte. Funding for prototypes by sysmocom.

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