libosmo-sccp, libosmo-sigtran and osmo-stp

The libosmo-sccp.git repository contains thre parts sets of libraries:

  1. The new (as of 2016/2017) shared library
    • this is the modern Osmocom SIGTRAN stack which is e.g. used by the OsmoBSC, OsmoMSC, OsmoSTP programs
    • it implements M3UA, SUA and IPA/SCCPlite transport, point code based routing, ASPs/AS, SGW and ASP role support, ...
  2. The older static libsccp.a, libmtp.a and libxua.a static libraries
    • those are used by some legacy code such as cellmgr-ng, and we expect no new code uses them directly
  3. the osmo-stp executable program, our [minimalistic] Osmocom Signal Transfer Point, see OsmoSTP

API Documentation for the library is currently available at

Commercial Support

Commercial support as well as development, system integration and training services for this project are available from sysmocom

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