XMU 02

The XMU 02 seems to be some kind of CPRI front-haulmultiplexor. It appears to be used in situations where a (small number of) high-bitrate CPRI links from the DU is to be de-multiplexed to multiple more lower-bitrated CPRI links towards the RU.

It appears to be controlled via some RS485 based control channel. There are three MAX3485 transcevers for each of the three RJ45 connectors on the front (A1, A2, A3).

Internal structure


Internally, it appears to be one large (44x44mm, >= 42x42 ball BGA) part, probably a FPGA, connected to the 14 SFP+ slots for CPRI.

Next to the FPGA are two SN74CB3T16211 24bit bus-switch/level-shifters.


There's a control SoC ("Ericsson ROP 101 1190/2") with FLASH + RAM


There are three clock sections,

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